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Top 10 Compliance Mistakes Practice Owners Make

Saturday, April 15

2 - 5 PM

3 CDE Credits – DDS, DH, DA, AUX

About the Course

Are you making a mistake? One of the biggest blunders practice owners make is not following HR processes and procedures to keep their practices safe and lawsuit-free. This presentation will teach you everything necessary to maximize your practice’s potential while staying legally compliant. Not only will these strategies ensure that you’re less likely to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit, but they will also help your practice run more efficiently when implemented.

This session will enable participants to:
- Document, document, document: key tactics to ensure your employee files are current.
- Update your new hire forms
- Draft the right employment manuals
- Ensure employee benefits are accurately setup
- The benefits of having the right payroll processing software
- How you can prevent wage and hour claims in your practice
- Termination mistakes to avoid: How to lawfully terminate an employee
- What to do if one of your employees sues you or sends a demand letter
- Tips for preventing a discrimination claim in your practice
- How to stay ADA compliant


Ali Oromchian, Esq.

Ali Oromchian, Esq. is one of the nation’s leading legal authorities on topics relevant to dentists and the founding attorney of Dental & Medical Counsel, PC. For 20 years, Oromchian has helped thousands of dentists reach their practice goals. He is frequently quoted and has written articles for the California Dental Society, Progressive Dentist, Progressive Orthodontists, Dentistry Today, Dentaltown, and The New Dentist magazines. Additionally, Oromchian founded HR for Health, which is the leader in providing web-based human resources solutions and advice for dentists ensuring HR compliance for their practices and protecting them from employment law risks.

Conflict of Interest: Affiliation/Financial Interest: Dental and Medical Counsel, PC and Consultant: The American HR Group, Inc.

Ali Oromchian, Esq.
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