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Stress Busting with Humor: Focus Pocus to Stay Productive

Friday, April 12

9 - 10:30 AM

1.5 CDE Credits – DDS, DH, DA, AUX


Stress diminishes effectiveness. Most of us have reached a breaking point and we’ve had enough. Kelli Vrla’s “Stress Busting With Humor” can help end the balancing act and increase focus on moving over, under, around and through daily challenges. This festive delivery of “do-it-now” skills will help dental teams “have more fun and get more done.”

This session will enable participants to:
- Work more efficiently with your team as a result of optimized productivity from overcoming everyday work and life challenges.
- Learn how to quickly use easy coping techniques to handle pressing challenges.
- Assess current work and life balance.
- Learn the 52 Proven Stress Reducers.
- Identify personal triggers and head them off before they strike.
- Learn 146 (positive) things to say when things don’t go your way.


Kelli Vrla, B.B.A., B.A., C-CSP

Founder of, Kelli V helps healthcare pros boost staff engagement, diminish distractions, and delight patients with WOW NOW best practices. Kelli V is a Certified Speaking Professional and active member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) for over 20 years, where she has served on the Board of Directors for the North Texas Chapter. Kelli V energized listeners as a morning drive host on the nation’s first all-women, all-talk radio station. Her current publications include: “Hit the Reset Button: Prevent Burnout and Quiet Quitting” and “Ready, Set, Engage: How to Tap in, Tune in an Turn on Your Workforce!” Conflict of Interest: None listed.

Kelli Vrla, B.B.A., B.A., C-CSP
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