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Infection Control: When You Absolutely Don’t Want to “Go Viral”

Friday, April 14

2 - 5 PM

3 CDE Credits – DDS, DH, DA

About the Course

In more practices than we may care to admit, sterilization procedures are not always aligned with current recommendations. There have been cases throughout the United States in which inadequate infection control practices have led to the spread of hepatitis, HIV and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, to name a few. To ensure our patients aren’t exposed to viruses, bacteria and protozoa, dental professionals need to understand more than what to do and what not to do; they also need to understand why. In this lively, engaging course, Katrina Sanders, RDH, M.Ed. takes participants on a historical journey of social norms which lead to infectious diseases. We’ll trace the evolution and spread of disease from patient zero outward, showing the microbiological, immunological and human impacts of the chain of infection. We’ll also examine the infection control process and its application in ensuring the practice is up to date with current recommendations. A review of case studies will bring to life real-world infection control breaches. Each member of the team will understand their role in keeping patients safe through compliance with standard precautions.

This session will enable participants to:
- Understand the infectious disease process as it relates to dental professionals
- Explore infectious diseases that are easily contracted
- Evaluate behaviors that promote the spread of infection
- Examine the timeline of historical events that have led to the spread of disease
- Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for why infection control is imperative today
- Describe the role the immune system plays in fighting the spread of infection


Katrina Sanders, R.D.H., B.S.D.H., M.Ed, R.F.

A clinical dental hygienist, author and international speaker, Katrina Sanders is passionate about elevating the dental profession by creating an undeniable movement that educates, encourages and empowers the profession to rise in its power. Known as the “Dental WINEgenist™,” she pairs her desire for excellence in the dental industry with her knowledge and passion for wine. She is the Clinical Liaison, Hygiene Excellence & Innovation for AZPerio, the country’s largest periodontal practice where she works alongside Diplomates to the American Board of Periodontology in the surgical operatory. Sanders is the founder, CEO and keynote speaker for Sanders Board Preparatory. She has been published in various publications, including RDH Magazine and Today’s RDH, and is an advisory member for Modern Hygienist and the Dental Academy of Continuing Education. Her philanthropic efforts include dental humanitarian work in developing countries, supporting abused and homeless animals and spreading awareness about the benefits of organ and tissue donation.

Conflict of Interest: None reported

Katrina Sanders, R.D.H., B.S.D.H., M.Ed, R.F.
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